Quarantine Station Paranormal Investigation

Manly, NSW

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3.5 hours
Manly, NSW

Have you ever wanted to investigate one of the most haunted sites in Australia?

Whether you are an experienced paranormal investigator or just starting out in the art of ghost hunting, our monthly 3-hour paranormal investigation will captivate and intrigue you.

Explore the haunted shower block, hospital and the infamous gravediggers' cottage.

You will be using a various range of divination tools and paranormal equipment to conduct experiments as we attempt to contact the other side.

Running the first Thursday of every month from March 2021 these small group investigations (maximum 10 guests) will give you an opportunity to experience a different side of Q Station.

What's included?
  • 3-hour experience
  • Use of latest ghost hunting equipment


Tread the path of haunted souls...

Sydney's Quarantine Station on North Head is one of Australia's most haunted sites!

As darkness descends over Q Station’s historic buildings, the burial ground and empty pathways… the time comes to encounter the ghosts of our site.

Sydney's former Quarantine Station on North Head is reputed to be one of Australia's most haunted sites, with stories of ghosts and paranormal occurrences entwined throughout its history. Ghost tours have operated here since the early 1990s.
Sceptic, believer, family, friends or corporate groups - we have a tour for you!


First Thursday of every month from March 2021.

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