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The Rocks, Sydney, NSW

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2 hours
The Rocks, Sydney, NSW

The Rocks Ghost Tours concentrate on the more macabre and exciting things of the night. Many of these stories have been pieced together by locals and historians with information handed down through the generations. These are stories you won’t read on Wikipedia, and the tour will give you experiences you won’t get on a regular Sydney city tour!

In many ways, The Rocks is something of a time capsule of early European life in Australia and is one of the most unique of Sydney’s history tours. Much of The Rocks sandstone architecture is relatively unchanged from when it was built over 200 years ago. With that comes the original spirits and ghosts that wander unhindered through their familiar haunts. This is no Luna Park sideshow. There are some genuinely creepy stories involving The Rocks. When you experience these, you will feel the truth of the matter.

Depending on the route taken on the night, here are some of the sights you can see on your tour:

  • Cadman’s Cottage. This is Australia’s oldest home, but why does Elizabeth keep such a tidy house?
  • Kendall Lane, where you will learn why the French valet was so desperate to dispose of his master’s body.
  • Foundation Park. Did they really use the cave for that? Who is the ghost seen late at night by The City Rangers?
  • The ruins of Windmill Lane. Will the ghost of Amelia show herself to you?
  • Learn about the thugs and larrikins of The Rocks Push and maybe catch a glance of their Victims!
  • Enter the Merchant’s House and keep a close eye on the stairs.
  • Greenway lane where the smell of Michael Gannon’s business still lingers.
  • Orient Hotel. What did Joseph Silva throw out the window?
  • Nurse’s Walk, which was once the site of the colony’s first hospital (where the sickly feeling is often overwhelming).
  • Susannah Place. Who was found buried in the cellar?
  • Reynolds’ Cottage, Sydney’s second-oldest house. Misfortune and death have lingered here.
  • Observatory Hill. See the Signal Masters cottage where the spirits still linger.
  • A visit to the Big Dig Site where history’s creepy layers have been revealed.

What's included?
  • 1.5 to 2-hour ghost tour


The meeting point is on the lower forecourt of Cadman’s Cottage which is located on the lower corner of George Street and Argyle Street, The Rocks. You will find Cadmans Cottage behind and below the trees when looking from George Street.


Adult Nightly Tours operate every evening of the week and starts at 7:45 pm sharp and runs for between 1.5 and 2 hours.

During Covid group sizes are limited to 18.

Private ghost tours are available. Contact the tour operator for information.

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The tour nightly Ghost Tour is designed for adults. 12 years is the youngest age appropriate for children.


The tours run in rain, hail, and moonshine.

Ponchos are provided when it rains but ask you to bring wet weather protection on nights forecast to rain to help our environmental footprint by saving disposable ponchos.


Due to the natural formation of The Rocks and the historic nature of the haunted buildings you will access there are some stairs and hills involved.

The distance covered is about 1.6 km or 1 mile with plenty of stops to our numerous haunted sites along the way.

5 · April 27, 2019 by James H
Excellent Night Out

I went on The Rocks Ghost Tour last Thursday night and thoroughly enjoyed it. This is the 3rd ghost tour I have done in Sydney and it is by far the highest standard of the 3 company that run these tours. It's not just standing outside a building and hearing scripted stories. We actually went in to several haunted buildings which really added to the experience. Mid week is a great time to do the tour as its a bit quieter around The Rocks.

4 · February 5, 2015 by johna
A great tour of The Rocks

We met in a great little historic building in The Rocks. Unfortunately it was raining so we were provided with white ponchos which made us look like ghosts ourselves. Subsequently there was no shortage of onlookers saying "boo" to us.

A very interesting walk and tour of The Rocks, with plenty of history and ghost stories. We got taken to places that you wouldn't generally see, including down to the basement of one of the very old buildings.

We also got to play various roles ourselves: mine was to ring a bell and call out "bring out your dead".

In the rain

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