Interactive Ghost Tour of Parramatta Gaol

Parramatta, NSW

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2.5 hours
Parramatta, NSW

Join us for a "hands-on" ghost tour of the daunting Parramatta Gaol! This interactive ghost tour is very small, and run with only 10 guests. It goes for 2.5 hours.

This night will include a tour of the gaol, and as we leave the wings, we will conduct an experiment to see if any spirits are around and wish to play with us.

With nearly 200 years of history, this grim and very atmospheric prison, built in 1837 is now one of the oldest surviving jails in the country.

Ghosts and Spirits:

There have been many reports of ghostly figures sighted at this imposing location, however due to the many deaths and harsh treatment suffered by Men Women and even Children here; this should come as no surprise.

People are frequently grabbed, whispered to, have their hair pulled or their bottoms grabbed. It has had some intense doppelganger audio phenomena and full bodied apparitions have been sighted. You may also hear somebody walking behind you, only to realise you're the last person into a wing...

Parramatta Gaol is truly one of the most foreboding and terrifying buildings that you will ever see, with a past so gruesome inside this incredibly haunted building, who knows what the night ahead may have in store in for you!

These tours will strictly adhere to the Government regulations on social distancing. Please listen to your guides at all times. Hand sanitiser will be available and all surfaces will be disinfected prior to the tour.

The price of this tour includes an intimate evening in the gaol with only 20 paid guests, vigils in the wings to excite and delight, and free time to explore at the conclusion of the official event.

What's included?
  • Ghost and history tour
  • Use of paranormal investigation vigils
  • Free time to explore
  • Entry into Parramatta Gaol


The historical Parramatta Gaol was home to thousands of convicts after first opening its doors.

During the 19th Century the prison was used for men and women, and was a back up for inmates from Cumberland Asylum, or those who were deemed Criminally Insane.

Following the outbreak of the First World War, the prison was transferred to the Cumberland Asylum, as most of the men in Australia were overseas fighting in the great war.

It returned to civilian use in 1922 and from then on was a major industrial prison.

It closed its doors for the final time in 2011.


Tour runs on selected dates.

There are currently no dates listed for this experience. Please make an enquiry by pressing the Send email button above.


16+ with a parental guardian.

All events prior to 1 December 2021 require a double dose of the COVID-19 vaccination.

What to bring/wear

Torch, close toed shoes.

Unfortunately we can't offer catering so please bring a bottle of water, should you need it.


Not appropriate for mobility impaired.

Cancellation Policy

No refunds can be given for this tour.

5 · March 17, 2021 by Ezzmay2000
Great tour & a great location

I have been on many ghost tours and I enjoy APPI tours the most. They just do a great tour. Nothing is fake or set up but you can have some fun. APPI will also give you the space you need to have your own experience of a location. If you are interested in paranormal investigation I highly recommend their tours.

5 · March 17, 2021 by Anonymous
Totally worth it!

Simply can’t get enough of this place. It keeps drawing me back time and again, with different experiences on offer every time. Excellently operated by APPI who really know their stuff when it comes to all things paranormal, and they don’t do jump scares for reactions because the location does it for them!

5 · March 17, 2021 by Anonymous
Just WOW!!!!

What an amazing tour!! the staff that run this are knowledgeable and very respectful. This place is very active and is a must for any paranormal enthusiast and the history behind the wall are a must for any historians. I will definitely be back.

This is one creepy place not to be missed.

5 · March 17, 2021 by Anonymous
Parramatta Gaol is incredible!

Parramatta Gaol is beyond stunning. The staff, APPI Ghost Hunts & Tours, have done a lot of research into the history and it shows.
I have been to the Gaol for a few different tours and ghosts hunts. Each one has been truly amazing and I have walked away with a few paranormal experiences that cannot be explained.

For the lovers of Australian history or those who want a spooky night - definitely check out Parramatta Gaol.

5 · March 17, 2021 by Anonymous
What an amazing night

What an amazing night. We had so many creepy things happen. The staff were great and very knowledgeable. We will definitely be returning.

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