Old Tailem Town Ghost Hunt

Tailem Bend, SA

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3 hours
Tailem Bend, SA

Old Tailem Town Ghost Hunt: Investigate what is said to be the Most Haunted Town in South Australia!

The Old Tailem Town Ghost Hunt is very different from your run of the mill ghost tour – as you get to become the ghost-hunter for the night!

This is a great opportunity for the paranormal enthusiast, whether a beginner or an experienced investigator, to gain access to Tailem Town after dark. With well over 100 old buildings, some dating back to the 1880s set out on 13 streets, there is a lot to explore.

Old Tailem Town Ghost Hunt Includes:

3-hour Ghost Hunt

This is a dedicated paranormal investigation for those that have done the conducted tour before and don’t wish to hear the stories again.

On arrival, our professional and experienced paranormal investigator will arm you with state-of-the-art ghost hunting equipment and take you off to explore the darkest recesses of the village. Trust us, some of these buildings challenge the bravest of our investigators on occasion!

4-hour Ghost Tour and Ghost Hunt

This includes a bonus hour to give you time to enjoy both the conducted tour around the village while still getting time to enjoy a taste of what it is like to be a ghost hunter.

Your evening starts with a tour around the village, exploring her most haunted buildings while learning about some of the characters that once resided in them… and may still today.

Once the ghost tour finishes and after a video presentation, experience for yourself just what it is like to sit quietly in haunted buildings for a further hour or so, using equipment often seen on the TV ghost hunting shows.

  • A Ghost Tour around the village, learning of the history and our ghosts that often seem to make their presence known.
  • Watch a video presentation, showing our most challenging events. This footage has not been released and is only shown on the Old Tailem Town Ghost Hunt.
  • Learn a little about the equipment used in paranormal investigations and its proper use.
  • Break into smaller teams and go with our guides into our most active buildings to see if you can go home with a ghost story of your own!

What's included?
  • 3-hour ghost hunt
  • Also available as 4-hour ghost tour and ghost hunt


Old Tailem Town, Princes Highway, Tailem Bend.


Tour runs on selected dates.

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Age 18+.

What to bring/wear

Sensible clothing/Shoes, drink, small torch.


Mainly standing with occasional sitting. Steps into buildings.

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