Walhalla Ghost Tour

Walhalla, VIC

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1.5 hours
Walhalla, VIC

Discover one of Australia’s creepiest Ghost Tours located in an actual Ghost Town.

Join us for the ultimate paranormal experience at night, hearing the many terrible tales of past souls from this isolated gold field region.

Walhalla Ghost Tours, held in the historic township is very proud of it’s long-forgotten history, filled with bizarre, mysterious and often tragic stories.

You will be given an opportunity to uncover the hidden secrets of Walhalla is on a famously heart-pounding Ghost Tour, operated by the Walhalla Heritage & Development League.

Walhalla Ghost Tours provide a fascinating insight into the long-forgotten gold-rush town’s past, told through recounting a number of spine-tingling tales, whilst standing on the actual site of some of the spookiest tragedies!

Frequently seen hauntings in Walhalla:

  • The Trembath Ghost in the Print Shop
  • The Forgotten Children Spirits of Walhalla
  • The Poltergeist Horses of Church Hill Road
  • The Phantom Band of the Rotunda
  • The Burning Child of Windsor House
  • The Trench Coat Walker
  • The Spetts Spinster

What's included?
  • 1.5-hour ghost tour


Regular ghost tours are held every Saturday night. Special bookings are available on request and are subject to a minimum of 10 participants.

During daylight savings these tours will commence at 8:30 pm and at other times the tours will commence at 7:30 pm or by prior arrangement.


Please note: This Ghost Tour involves at least 1.5 to 2 hours of walking with at least 100 steps in one part.

Cancellation Policy

Tickets are non-refundable.

If you cancel your tour booking prior to 3:00pm the Thursday before your booked tour an exchange voucher will be issued to you for the value of the tour(s) booked to be used for a future Walhalla Ghost Tour. These vouchers are valid for one year from issue.

If you cancel your tour booking after 3:00pm the Thursday before your booked tour there will is no refund or exchange voucher.

The value of the exchange voucher will be equal to the original booking. There is no refund of any difference in value of the exchange voucher and tour value when redeemed and if the exchange voucher is greater. If the value of exchange voucher is less than the tour(s) value when redeemed the balance owing must be paid prior to the tour.

If the tour operator cancels a Walhalla Tour Ghost due to operational reason, a full refund will be made. While they will make all attempts to advise of a cancellation and give as much notice as possible, they are not liable for any loss and/or damages that may result from cancellation.

5 · April 29, 2021 by Anonymous

5 · April 29, 2021 by Anonymous

3 · April 11, 2021 by Anonymous

1 · April 11, 2021 by Em

Guide rarely finished a story. Definitely was not an engaging speaker. Tour guide allowed younger children on the tour so chose to not tell many scary stories as may upset the kids. There are more than one guide that does the tour so I am sure if we got someone else it would have been much better as it had so much potential. Also went for 1.5hrs which felt extra long due to the guide waffling on/not telling engaging nor informative stories.

5 · April 11, 2021 by Greg

5 · July 30, 2020 by Anonymous

5 · July 4, 2020 by Kim

4 · April 6, 2020 by Neville S

4 · March 20, 2020 by Anonymous

1 · February 7, 2020 by Anonymous

It was way too long and it was boring.

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