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Ballarat Old Cemetary Night Tour
Eerie Tours
Sat, 20 Jul +24 more
$17.50 - $30 pp, $85 Family
Escape from the Geelong Gaol
Twisted History
Sat, 20 Jul +38 more
$19.50 - $30 pp, $95 Family
Moorabbin Air Museum Paranormal Investigation
Paranormal Adventures Australia
Sat, 20 Jul +5 more
$60 pp
Point Cook Homestead Ghost Tour
Lantern Ghost Tours
Sat, 20 Jul +28 more
$41 pp, $112 Family
Royal Hotel Seymour Investigation
Twisted History
Sat, 20 Jul
$95 pp
Victoria Hotel Woodend Paranormal Investigation with Dinner
Kyneton Paranormal
Sun, 21 Jul +3 more
$65 pp
Questo self-guided Haunted Melbourne
Lantern Ghost Tours
$14.99 pp
The Haunting at Home: A Paranormal Adventure
Lantern Ghost Tours
$Ask - $0 pp, $49 Family
Locked Up With History Tour
Twisted History
Sun, 28 Jul +17 more
$19.50 - $30 pp, $95 Family
Old Beechworth Gaol Paranormal Investigations
Paranormal Prospectors Australia
Fri, 2 Aug +10 more
$88 pp
Romsey Mechanics Hall Paranormal Investigation with Medium
Kyneton Paranormal
Fri, 2 Aug
$49 pp
Altona Homestead Ghost Tour
Lantern Ghost Tours
Sat, 3 Aug +14 more
$39 pp, $108 Family

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