UFO Investigator's Manual

UFO investigations from 1892 to the present day

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Hardback, 270 x 210mm, 168 pages
Nigel Watson
Haynes Publications UK

UFOs have been a global phenomenon from the late 19th century to the present day, and this Haynes manual will examine many UFO investigations worldwide by looking at the government reports - both official and secret - that have attempted to explain the 'otherworldly'. This manual will also explain how you can identify a UFO yourself and how to classify an alien encounter - was it of the first, second, third, fourth or fifth kind? The findings of scientific research will also be explored, as will the human attempts at alien communication, and, finally, alternative explanations of uncanny happenings.

5 · July 14, 2017 by johna
Excellent gift or general book on UFOs

If you are interested in UFOs this book is a good choice because it gives you a good overview of the history of sightings going back to the 1800s, official investigations, and types of sightings and encounters.

For people with a general interest in this topic, it gives a short interesting summary of sightings.

The book will also teach you what the terms mean like close encounters of the third kind and fourth kind.

Would also make a good gift for someone interested in unexplained phenomenon.

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