The Haunting History of Salisbury

City of Salisbury, SA

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City of Salisbury, SA

The City of Salisbury has teamed with Allen Tiller, a well-known author and paranormal specialist, to put together Salisbury’s first-ever self-guided haunting history walk.

The guide will take you along the streets of Salisbury to some of our most recognised landmarks including the Salisbury Hotel, Twelve 25 Youth Centre and much more.

The walk takes approximately 1.5-hours and will take you to eleven different sites around the city centre.

What's included?
  • Free self-guided walking tour featuring historical information and ghost stories


City of Salisbury, South Australia.


A free, self-guided tour you can take any day or time.

You can either download the app or pick up a free booklet, to start your adventure.

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