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Steiglitz Paranormal Investigation
Twisted History
$80 pp
Fieldings Historic Tours
Fieldings Historic Tours (Oatlands, TAS)
Fieldings Historic Tours
$10 pp
Old Gippstown Heritage Park Public Investigation
Paranormal Adventures Australia
$70 pp
Pilot Event - Kalamunda Ghost Adventures
NY Events
$8 pp
Midland Town Hall Paranormal Workshop and Investigation
Shanks Pony Tours
$80 pp
Midland Junction Arts Centre Ghost Tour
Shanks Pony Tours
$40 pp
Cooma Cottage by Torchlight
Tim the Yowie Man
$59 pp
The Old Melbourne Ghost Tour
The Old Melbourne Ghost Tour (Melbourne, VIC)
Lantern Ghost Tours
$36 pp, $96 Family
Adelaide Ghosts & Ghouls Walking Tour
Allen Tiller
Kangaroo Hotel Maldon Investigation
Twisted History
$80 pp
Paranormal Investigation at the Old Wentworth Gaol
Paranormal Victoria
$60 pp

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