P-SB7 Real Time Spirit Box®

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A spirit box produces audible sounds which may be interpreted as voice messages from paranormal sources. This one works by quickly sweeping FM (76MHz to 108MHz) radio bands, delivering continuous white noise. Periodically, words can be heard with varying clarity.

You can passively listen, in real time, to the sounds produced and maybe you can make some sense of it in the context of your investigation. Maybe you can even correlate the sounds with some other events in the vicinity (EMF, temperature, odor, etc.).

DAS LogoBut why would anyone make the mental leap from random snippets of radio broadcasts to paranormal phenomena" Here's where it gets interesting: Hear what happens when you ask a question! Very often, you will get an answer, and it makes sense! Don't believe me" There are plenty of youtube videos out there demonstrating some very unexplainable (and sometimes very clear) messages from this device. Better yet, check it out for yourself, but be prepared to have the hair stand up on the back of your neck!

There are two discreet audio outputs; (1) Earphone, and (1) Speaker. A bright EL back light display with manual ON/OFF select is ideal for viewing in the dark. The P-SB7 has an internal recharge circuit that maintains power to two "AAA" rechargeable batteries. No special skills required.

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