3-Axis Gaussmeter Ignores Powerlines

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In paranormal research, the presence of man-made 50 or 60 Hz EMF signals can give rise to "false" readings. Wouldn't it be great if you could set your EMF meter to ignore these ever-present signals and just pick up everything else" Now you can! With this meter you can look at just the 50/60 Hz signal, or just the harmonics, or just everything else. And you can compare that reading to the overall reading on the same screen at the same time! Adjustable backlight too, because it was designed with paranormal research in mind.

Also perfect as an all-purpose True-RMS 3-Axis meter with high sensitivity. Great for distinguishing a 50 or 60 Hz signal from the higher frequency harmonic signals which often accompany power line magnetic fields.

• Flat frequency response:
±½dB 30 to 5000 Hz
-3dB 15 to 5500 Hz
• Range 0-250 mG on any axis
• Maximum resolution 0.01 mG

More Features:
• Selectable axis (3D, X, Y, Z) on ALL features
• Two display styles:
- On-Screen Graph: select any of 3 values: total RMS, notched, bandpassed
- Digital readout: RMS broadband plus select:
• 60Hz only, or 60Hz+Harmonics, or 50Hz, or 50Hz+Harmonics
• Variable Brightness Blue LED Backlight
• Max Hold of any of the 3 values
• Selectable units: milliGauss or microTesla
• Low battery indicator

Alkaline battery (included) typically lasts ~20 hours at default backlight setting. Feature-rich and easy to use, same meter works for both 50 or 60 Hz. Great price too! 1 year warranty. Made in USA.

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