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Hearing your first EVP is an amazing experience, and gives you a great story to tell. Imagine how much more powerful the story will be when others can hear the EVP for themselves because you recorded it! They will beg to hear it again and again, as the hair rises on the backs of their necks. Now that's credibility.

This quality digital voice recorder is easy to use and has a clear recording sound which is perfect for paranormal work. Very lightweight and compact, only 103mm*32mm*16mm. Built in mic, speaker and headset jack, with one-touch fast forward, rewind, play and record controls. Powered by a single AAA battery (not included) and has 4GB memory for hours of continuous recording. The MP3 audio files are easily uploaded to your computer. Use with free downloadable sound software such as Audacity to review, clip, clean up, and analyze your recordings. Upload the results to the internet if you like!

3 recording quality modes. Recording time for each mode:

• LP mode: 283 hours at 32 Kbps
• SP mode: 141 hours at 128 Kbps
• HP mode: 70 hours at 192 Kbps

For even more excitement, record the output from an ITC communication device such as the EVP Listener, Spirit Box or Ovilus (scroll down), so the quick-moving words can be played back over and over, allowing for deeper analysis of what the messages are trying to communicate. USB cable included.

If you are a serious investigator concerned with documenting irrefutable and valid results, use multiple recorders on every investigation to cross-reference your findings... and prove that the strange voices you capture are, in fact, anomalous.

Of course, its usefulness is not limited to ghost hunting! This voice recorder is also great for recording lectures, meetings, phone calls and voice memos. Make shopping lists, honey-do lists, or send it to your partner with a personally recorded message of affection.

Recording EVP is a little like fishing: it takes patience and there are no guarantees that you will get some. But no paranormal investigation would be complete without at least one digital voice recorder to capture disembodied voices and EVPs. Very economical for all the features that you get!

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