Roseleigh Manor Ghost Hunt

Harefield, NSW

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Adult (18 and over)

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3 hours
Harefield, NSW

Join APPI Ghost Hunts & Tours for this exclusive ghost hunt at this beautiful manor.

Split up into teams, and do some set vigils to see if the spirits of Roseleigh Manor are still roaming the walls of this amazing location.

Paranormal Activity:

This place has quite a history, and with it comes some pretty crazy paranormal activity! Glasses have exploded in people’s hands in the area which was once the servants’ quarters, wet footprints on the floor in the accommodation area, where no people were staying. Babies crying in the night – when there were no babies, several trestle tables have folded in on themselves at functions, shadow figures, swinging chandeliers, apporting objects which have been missing for several days, only to be returned to their rightful place, strange smells, mysterious black mists, and, of course, voices and footsteps in the night…

What's included?
  • Ghost hunt
  • Optional: overnight accommodation at Roseleigh Manor
  • Optional: enjoy dinner beforehand in the Rose & Willow restaurant


Accommodation is not included, but you can extend your experience by staying the night! To book accommodation, please call (02) 6928 4420 - it's very affordable!


Roseleigh The Witchery is a beautiful manor house which comprises of several properties, the first being built in 1876.

Originally known as Overdale, the property was granted to Mr Robert Ronald of Victoria in the 1870’s, and was then sold to the Donnelly Family, who are attributed to building the original homestead with traditional bull-nose veranda’s, timber flooring and extensive wrought iron lace work.

In 1918 the property was purchased by the Leahy’s who renovated, ensuring the existing architecture of the buildings flow from the late 1800s through to the 1920s, 30s and 40s.

During the Second World War it was the home of Italian prisoners of war, and many descendant families of those POWs still call the Wagga District home.

In 1955 the property was bequeathed to the Nursing Sisters of the Little Company of Mary, an international community dedicated to evangelisation prayer and care of the sick, dying, poor and marginalised.

It served the religious community as a rest house, a conference centre, a retreat house and a house of spirituality, offering a place for those inclined to make space and time in their lives to nurture their souls.

The current owner, Kate Wendt, dreamed of transforming Overdale into a function centre and day spa, and her dream became a reality in 2004, ensuring this beautiful manor maintains the look and feel of its past.


Tour runs on selected dates.

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What to bring/wear

Torch and appropriate clothing.


May be difficult for mobility impaired due to tight spaces and gravel drive.

Other Information

Extend your experience by having dinner beforehand in the beautiful Rose & Willow restaurant prior to our ghost hunt. Please call (02) 6928 4420 to book.

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