Hotel Shamrock Bendigo Ghost Tour & Dinner

Bendigo, VIC

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1.5 hours
Bendigo, VIC

Hotel Shamrock Bendigo, unlocks it doors to the fourth floor that has not been touched in over 100 years!

We take you through the history of this majestic hotel, and introduce you to it's ghosts of the past that still roam the floors and halls!

Tickets include a main meal and non-alcoholic beverage. followed by a 1.5-hour ghost tour by our lovely but spooky tour hosts!

Meal sit down is at 6:00pm and the tour starts at 7.30pm.

What's included?
  • 1.5-hour ghost tour
  • Dinner - main meal and non-alcoholic beverage


Hotel Shamrock, Corner Pall Mall and Williamson Street, Bendigo, Victoria 3550.


6:00 pm dinner, 7:30 pm ghost tour.

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1 · June 9, 2022 by Anonymous

Should have someone to greet guests in foyer and direct them where to eat.
Suggestion. A complimentary drink could be offered to guests when they arrive and then guests could be directed to where to order and where to be seated.
Dinner was only a choice of 4 (thought it would be from the main Bistro menu) and bar staff had no idea about the non alcoholic beverage that was meant to be included.
Suggestion: Be more specific of what the main meal choices will be at time of booking.
Thought there would be more about the history of people who had stayed at the Hotel than watching cat balls and lights that didnt really do anything. Far too long was spent on watching to see if lights or rods would change colour or move...which in the main they didnt.
Suggestion: If nothing is happening ...fill the evening in with more stories about the historical characters who have stayed at the Shamrock in the past.
Good product but marketing and delivery need to be improved.

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