Halloween Odessa at Leaver's Hotel Paranormal Investigation

Creswick, VIC

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90 minutes
Creswick, VIC

Celebrate Halloween at the oldest joint in Creswick. Have a drink at the bar and watch the lively show! Paranormal investigation plus the option of a meal.

Burlesque style wine bar with a cabaret feel, this eclectic place once was Leake's hotel and is the oldest building in the enchanting former gold mining town of Creswick.

With a rich history from bank to brothel, it also has a slew of resident ghosts.

All perfectly charming and hospitable and highly active.

All the EMF meters go off at the bar. In fact, all you have to do is sit and watch.

Small group of 10 this is more a ghost watch than ghost hunt.

The spirit ladies of the night won't disappoint!

What's included?
  • 1.5-hour exclusive use of venue with maximum 10 people
  • Use of ghost hunting equipment includes Trifield meter, Meterk, ghost meter pro, Rook EMF Meter, Flux 2, Ghost Meters, Dowsing Rods, etc
  • Evp session and explore


Odessa at Leaver's Hotel Creswick, 80 Albert Street Creswick, Victoria.

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