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Investigations and Workshops in Victoria, Australia

Paranormal investigations are interactive experiences where you can go ghost hunting. You will get to use ghost hunting equipment and on some tours you may be accompanied by a medium. Browse all paranormal investigations available in Melbourne and VIC, Australia.

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Geelong Gaol Paranormal Investigation Tour
Twisted History

Sun, 7 Jun +23 more

$55 pp
Aradale Paranormal Investigation Tour
Eerie Tours

Fri, 12 Jun +34 more

$85 pp
Geelong Gaol Extended Paranormal Investigations
Twisted History

Fri, 12 Jun

$100 pp
Old Gippstown Heritage Park Public Investigation
Paranormal Adventures Australia

Sat, 20 Jun +3 more

$70 pp
Royal Hotel Seymour Investigation
Twisted History

Sat, 27 Jun +2 more

$80 pp
Altona Homestead Paranormal Investigation
Lantern Ghost Tours Melbourne

Sat, 18 Jul +2 more

$69 pp
Old Kilmore Gaol Paranormal Investigation
Paranormal Victoria

Sat, 18 Jul +3 more

$60 pp
Kangaroo Hotel Maldon Investigation
Twisted History

Thu, 23 Jul +2 more

$80 pp
Railway Hotel Dunolly Investigation
Twisted History

Sat, 22 Aug

$80 pp
Aradale Ultimate Paranormal Investigation
Eerie Tours
$160 pp
Ghost Investigation Night
Ghost Investigation Night (Mount Martha, VIC)
Salubrious Events
$74.94 pp
Old Beechworth Gaol Paranormal Investigations
Paranormal Prospectors Australia
$88 pp

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