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Windsor Ghost Tour Windsor, NSW

Hawkesbury Sightseeing Tours

3.7 Based on 3 ratings
Windsor Ghost Tour - Windsor Court House


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Hawkesbury Sightseeing Tours
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How long? 2 hours

Where? Windsor, NSW

When? Tours starts at 7 Thompson Square Windsor. A historic walk with the spirits of... read more

Experience walking with the spirits of the Hawkesbury pioneers... If you dare.

Janice Hart, a member of the Hawkesbury Historical Society, will be your guide. Come along on a lantern lit Heritage Walk around Windsor.

Visit Green Hills Burial Ground.

Feel the presence of the convicts who were hanged at Windsor Courthouse and laid to rest without ceremony.

Feel the aura of important men and women from days gone by as you walk where Governor Macquarie planned the future of our country.

You may feel the presence of Mary who died here in the 1800's.

At the end of the tour relax and ponder the sights and sounds of the evening.

What's included?
  • Ghost tour


Windsor is the third-oldest place of British settlement on the Australian continent, and is located around 50 minutes drive from Sydney.


Tours starts at 7 Thompson Square Windsor.
A historic walk with the spirits of the pioneers if you dare.


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5 · Nov 28, 2017 by Black Cat

A fabulous spooky night out!!

Windsor Ghost Tours is a fabulous spooky night out!! Janice and family are wonderful as the hosts and their knowledge of Windsor and the haunted locations is second to none!! Being able to explore the cellars of the Macquarie Arms Hotel was a real highlight too!! We highly recommend this ghost tour to everyone that would love not only a spooky night out but also would love to learn about the stories and legends behind the people that may have passed on but still wander the streets and haunt the locations they used to live and work in!!

2 · Nov 16, 2015 by PammieP

Wasn't a Ghost Tour

This was not a ghost tour but merely a history tour at night
Over the years have been to mediums and in other ghost tours and my recommendation to the guides would be take a spiritualist with you and also include inside some buildings in the tour rather than just standing outside

As Historians the couple had great knowledge but at one point the host said of his only ghostly encounter "maybe it was the wind"

The tour had a large crowd and could have afforded the services of a real medium

Wouldn't recommend if your looking for spiritual encounters

We at Windsor Ghost Tours are sorry that you didn't enjoy the tour.

Response from tour operator on Nov 18, 2015

4 · Feb 3, 2015 by johna

Learnt a lot about Windsor

Not the scariest ghost tour we have been on, but a very enjoyable night time walk around Windsor learning about its history. We got to go down to the basement in the pub, saw historic houses and buildings I had never seen before (and a cemetery I didn't know existed) despite having been to Windsor many times before. Overall, an enjoyable and entertaining evening.

Outside the court house

Glad you had a good night. We are always happy to introduce people to parts of the Hawkesbury many people miss. Janice

Response from tour operator on Aug 21, 2015

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