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Weird Canberra Ghost and History Tour Canberra, ACT

Tim the Yowie Man

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Weird Canberra Ghost and History Tour - Weird Canberra Ghost & History Tour
Weird Canberra Ghost & History Tour
Weird Canberra Ghost & History Tour
Weird Canberra Ghost & History Tour
Weird Canberra Ghost & History Tour


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Tour operator:
Tim the Yowie Man
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How long? 3 hours

Where? Canberra, ACT

When? Tour runs on selected dates.

This is the history they don’t put in the guide books. This is a tour that shines a spotlight into the hidden underbelly of the nation’s capital.

A unique, three hour experience visiting sites of crimes, hauntings and murder in Australia’s national capital.

Visit the darker side of Canberra’s past.

Hear tales of:

  • The Canberra funeral parlour that was once a hot bed of espionage activity.
  • A poltergeist that regularly wreaks havoc in the War Memorial.
  • Which Canberra church used to be a train station at Sydney’s Rookwood Necropolis (City of the Dead)?
  • An Australian Prime Minister who haunts a popular Canberra hotel.
  • Why some security guards refuse to work at Old Parliament House.
  • The truth behind tunnels linking the Lodge and Parliament House.
  • A $10,000 piece of art buried deep beneath Commonwealth Park.
  • The diplomat who was turned into a pin cushion by blood thirsty murderers.
  • Missing coffins in Lake Burley Griffin.
  • The embassy plagued by screams from the past.
  • An old homestead that makes people’s noses bleed.
  • The hidden treasure yet to be discovered in Yarralumla.
  • A visit to the very spooky Air Disaster Memorial.
  • Plus much much more (details subject to change).

What's included?
  • 3-hour ghost tour


Meet at 7 Eleven (petrol station), corner of Mort and Cooyong Streets, Braddon, ACT.


Tour runs on selected dates.


Restricted to participants 16 years old and over.

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