The Australiana Pioneer Village Ghost Tour and Dinner Wilberforce, NSW

The Australiana Pioneer Village

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The Australiana Pioneer Village Ghost Tour and Dinner - The Australiana Pioneer Village
The Australiana Pioneer Village
The Australiana Pioneer Village
The Australiana Pioneer Village


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The Australiana Pioneer Village
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How long? 4 hours

Where? Wilberforce, NSW

When? Fri, 6-Sep-2019 6:45 PM; Fri, 1-Nov-2019 6:45 PM; Fri, 29-Nov-2019 6:45 PM

Enjoy a meal before a ghost tour of the Australiana Pioneer Village.

Choice of 2 meals, either fish and chips and salad or chicken schnitzel, chips and salad. Each meal comes with a cold drink.

Step back into the past literally and explore the many souls that resided within each building. Wonderful tour leaders who are often mediums. Easy parking. Light refreshments at the end of the tour.

A spooky trip down memory lane indeed! The old houses dating back to the 1800's are superbly maintained and not just their furniture! Many souls still reside within the fabric of the foundations. From the Sulky Shed of 1874 where a young stable boy has been seen right through to outside of the St Phillip's Church Circa 1890 where a ghost white horse has often been sighted. Truly a unique tour as often you will be guided by a medium. With the wonderful mediums comes connections to the other side. Your tour leader will often venture into the buildings first to communicate with the spirits making it more interesting indeed. From things that go bump in the night, to the countless orbs that have been caught on camera. Even the APPI have done an investigation here too. Real spooky when the sun goes down!

What's included?
  • Dinner - choice of two meals
  • 3 hour guided tour by a medium and an historian enthusiast
  • Light refreshments at the conclusion of the tour


The Australiana Pioneer Village is located in Wilberforce NSW. Located in the Hawkesbury, just over an hour from Sydney The Village is accessible from Sydney - M2 - take the turn off at Windsor Road or M7 - take the turn off at Richmond Road
Once you find Wilberforce Road, turn right into Rose Street (no through road). The entrance to the village is behind the Heritage Hotel on the right, please follow the signs.


Bookings need to be made 4 weeks prior to the tour.

Dinner starts at 6:45pm for serving at 7pm sharp followed by the ghost tour.

Upcoming tour dates

  Friday, 6 September, 2019 at 6:45 PM

  Friday, 1 November, 2019 at 6:45 PM

  Friday, 29 November, 2019 at 6:45 PM


Must be 16 years and over to join in the ghost tour.


Ghost Tours run in all weather except floods.

What to bring/wear

Wear sturdy shoes (no thongs). Bring a torch and a camera and if bad weather ponchos. And an open mind.


Lots of walking involved. Buildings have a few steps into them so quite limited access for wheel chairs into the buildings themselves.

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