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St. Bartholomew’s Church and Ghost Tour Prospect, NSW

Blacktown City Council

4.5 Based on 2 ratings
St. Bartholomew’s Church and Ghost Tour - St Bartholomews Historical Tour
St Bartholomews Historical Tour
St Bartholomews Historical Tour
St Bartholomews Historical Tour

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Blacktown City Council
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How long? 2.5 hours

Where? Prospect, NSW


History buffs and paranormal enthusiasts alike should get a spooky thrill at the regular St Bartholomew’s Church and Cemetery Ghost Tours.

The church dates back to 1841 and its cemetery contains the graves of many early settlers including explorer William Lawson. According to tour guides, there is one troublesome ghost at the site and tour participants have claimed to have been unable to move when they’ve approached his tombstone, while others have complained of nausea.

Immerse yourself in this 3.5-hour tour as the guides recount stories about the lives of the people buried there. Lucky tour participants may even get to meet them!

What's included?
  • Ghost tour
  • Supper included


St Bartholomew’s Church is at Ponds Road, Prospect.




It is recommended for those aged over 12 years.


Be aware uneven ground. Recommended for mobile attendees and closed in walking shoes required.

5 · Aug 20, 2015 by Black Cat

What a great tour!! Such value & fantastic guides!

Very interesting tour - first time I have ever done a tour of a church and cemetery. Again brilliant guides and very informative and wonderful supper too!! A few awesome EMF readings during the tour as well. Some spooky noises in the church. Great tour and definitely a great night out!! Very historical too. A must for every ghost hunter!! Such a wonderful price as well. Can't go wrong! All round a great experience. Great guides!!

4 · Feb 3, 2015 by johna

If you aren't interested in ghosts go for the cake

Although I enjoyed the ghost tour the highlight was the supper - the cakes were delicious!

An interesting place to visit at night and learn the history of. We had a tour inside the church including being closed inside one of the rooms on our own briefly. Then outside to the graveyard learning about some of the people buried there and some previous "sightings". Finally we had time to explore the large cemetery on our own.

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