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Legends, Mysteries & Ghosts Tour Jenolan Caves, NSW

Jenolan Caves

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Legends, Mysteries & Ghosts Tour -


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Jenolan Caves
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How long? 2 hours

Where? Jenolan Caves, NSW

When? 2 hour tour, runs every Saturday evening at 8pm.

Jenolan has a long history and was known to the Gundungurra people as 'Binoomea' which means "the dark place". Instead of showing cave formations, your tour guide may tell you strange legends or stories about our unexplained phenomena, sometimes from personal experience. This tour is not just 'ghost stories'. It includes some our history and mysteries.

The mystifying 'Legends, Mysteries & Ghosts' tour may start with Caves House and take you in the dark, by lantern, through the caves, with no set route.

There is no 'ghost cave'. However, strange sounds, sights and experiences have been reported from all our show caves over the years. So, this tour has no set route. You don't need to plan your other cave tours around this one, as it will be a completely different experience. The cave is a 'backdrop' rather than the focus, so be prepared to be unnerved by mysterious tales in an almost dark cave.

Overwhelmingly popular, the 'Legends, Mysteries & Ghosts' tour is aimed at adults.They take a maximum of 20 on each tour, so please book ahead.

What's included?
  • 2 hour unique ghost tour of a cave


Jenolan Caves offers a range of optional accommodation - bookings essential.


The Jenolan Caves are are located on the western edge of the Blue Mountains, in New South Wales, approximately 3 hours drive from Sydney Airport.


2 hour tour, runs every Saturday evening at 8pm.


Ages 10 years and older.


This is an all-weather activity.

What to bring/wear

Wear sensible shoes.



Cancellation Policy

Choose carefully, as we do not refund. Before your tour, we can transfer you to another tour, but we do not refund tour price differences. If you fail to arrive, or you arrive late, we neither transfer nor refund.

4 · Apr 14, 2016 by johna

There's dark, and then there's dark!

Although I've been to the caves several times before, it was definitely a different place at night. Very few people around and very quiet (and cold).

You might think that when you are underground in a cave that a tour at night might be no different to a daytime tour, but wait until they share a few ghostly tales from the caves' history and turn out all the lights! You have probably never experienced such darkness...

My poor/brave wife was sent down to a supposedly haunted part of the cave on her own. Lucky her?

I didn't experience anything supernatural but the experience itself is still a one of a kind and highly recommended for all.

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