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Family Ghost Hunt Lithgow Mine Lithgow, NSW

Blue Mountains Mystery Tours

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Family Ghost Hunt Lithgow Mine - Lithgow Ghost Tour


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Tour operator:
Blue Mountains Mystery Tours
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How long? 2 hours

Where? Lithgow, NSW

When? Tour runs on selected days. START TIME: 7 pm to 9 pm.... read more

Paranormal Pete invites you to Lithgow Mine for a family-friendly ghost hunt to investigate the claims of ghosts and paranormal activity.

Pete has extensive knowledge of paranormal activity at the site and will lead you to the scene of dark myths and gloomy legends where ghosts are dying to meet you.

The tour is fully interactive and includes fascinating history and nerving-jangling tragic stories.

Marion in the Pepper’s Ghost illusion will tell emotional stories of hardship endured by the miners their families and treasured animals.

Ghost hunting equipment will boost your already heightened senses as you tune in to phantom whispers around the sites.

Any spooky shenanigans will be detected by the ghost hunting equipment supplied on the night: Ghost Boxes, Boo Buddy Bear, EMF meters, Ovillus III, full-spectrum video, night vision video, SLS stick cam and thermal camera.

Paranormal Pete will also add another eerie dimension to your supernatural soiree when he conducts experiments with some experimental devices... Creepy!

Maximum of 12 people.


  • Anybody showing Flu or cold-like symptoms will be refused entry
  • Guests will need to follow our COVID-19 guidelines on the night
  • Guests will need to supply their name & a phone number for contact tracing

Tour is for entertainment purposes only.

What's included?
  • 2-hour interactive tour
  • Use of Ghosthunting equipment
  • Museum entry fee


MEETING POINT: 3 State Mine Gully Road, Lithgow


Tour runs on selected days.

START TIME: 7 pm to 9 pm.


AGE: Open

All tour content, stories, images, video and recordings/EVPs and data are strictly Copyright to Blue Mountains Mystery Tours and are not to be reproduced or uploaded to business, organisational, commercial or personal websites, podcasts, Facebook, YouTube or social media without written permission from Blue Mountains Mystery Tours.

Anybody intoxicated or affected by drugs or alcohol will not be permitted on tour, will lose their payment and will be asked to leave.

Video and audio recording Is strictly not permitted on ghost, paranormal and mystery tours. No exceptions!
No recordings to be uploaded to organisational or commercial websites, podcasts, Face book or YouTube or any other media without written permission from Blue Mountains Mystery Tours. No exceptions!

All other handheld ghost hunting equipment welcome.

Digital cameras welcome on all tours and events for personal use only. No photographs to be uploaded to organisational or commercial websites, podcasts, Facebook, YouTube or any other media without written permission from Blue Mountains Mystery Tours.


Tours run rain, hail or shine.

What to bring/wear

  • Medications if required
  • Water
  • Sturdy footwear (no thongs, high heels)
  • Warm clothes (Lithgow can get very cold)
  • Torch for each person

Cancellation Policy

If the attendee cancels the tour less than 30 days before the tour commences no refund will be available.

If Blue Mountains Mystery Tours cancels the tour a full refund will be given.

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