What is a ghost tour or ghost walk?

Most ghost tours involve a guided tour of a haunted building or place, and usually with details about the history of the location and stories of scary experiences that have been recorded.

Some ghost tours are suitable for children and are only just a little bit scary. See family ghost tours.

Most ghost tours are run at night (of course) and last around two or three hours, but some include overnight accommodation, possibly in a haunted house or building. See ghost tours with accommodation.

Many tour operators provide ghost detection equipment you can see being used or even use yourself. Some of the equipment often used includes EMF (electro magentic frequency) detectors, special thermometers, and voice recorders for recording EVP (electronic voice phenomonen). See investigations/workshops.

Where allowed, we always suggest you bring a camera that takes good photos at night, and take plenty of photos. When you get home carefully review your photos... you never know what you will find!

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Having been on many ghost tours ourselves, we created ghosttourbookings.com as a website where all ghost tours could be found in one place.

We wanted people to be able to share how they liked a tour (or didn't like it), as well as share any spooky experiences they may have had on a tour, and show any special photos.

The website provides all the information you need to know for each ghost tour or experience in a consistent format.

We currently list ghost tours and experiences in Australia, the United Kingdom, USA, Canada and New Zealand.

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